Does White Gold Really Exist

Does White Gold Really Exist

In every jewellery store across the world, you will see jewellery that you are told is set in white gold, 18kt, 14kt, 10kt or 9kt… but gold is yellow, isn’t it? So how is it that you can find jewellery in white gold?

The gold you mine from the earth - pure gold, or otherwise referred to as 24kt gold - is a reddish yellow and is too soft to make into beautiful, long lasting jewellery.

As a result of this, jewellers have learned over time that pure gold needs to be mixed with other metals to make an alloy that is harder and easier to craft timeless jewellery pieces that will last a lifetime.

The creation of gold alloy has become a science of its own. Depending on what metals you mix with pure gold, you will get different results.

By adding nickel and copper, the metal is hardened. This is different to other metals which cause a change in colour of the alloy. The recipe for each alloy can be a closely guarded secret, one communicated only by jewellers, as a power they hold on their seamless creations. Despite this ‘secret’, there are metals which are consistent throughout.

The most common golds:

Yellow Gold -  Pure gold, copper and silver

Rose Gold - Pure gold and Copper

White Gold - Pure gold, palladium, silver, manganese and nickel

The white gold alloy, no matter what karat, will still appear a very light yellow, and certainly not the bright shining platinum colour you see on display in the jewellery stores.

Every piece of white gold jewellery will have a rhodium plating to bring it up to that white gold finish - the finish we all know and love.

The rhodium plating will last forever if it is well looked after, however, when wearing it (especially rings and bracelets), it is important to be careful of rubbing against hard items, as it will wear thinner.

With an engagement ring, which is worn every day, the allure of the ‘pure white gold’ will start to wear away. After 3-6 months, the white gold alloy will start to show through.

At the Paddington Jeweller, our experienced jewellers have the expertise to restore your white gold jewellery back to its stellar, shining original condition. Simply drop in to our store and we will re-plate your precious piece to have it last for years to come.

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