“The one and only one”  

This ultimately simple necklace, earrings and bracelet collection was added to our product line up at the very beginning of our history and it has been one of the most popular sellers of all time.  

It is the simplest way of enjoying earth’s most highly regarded gemstone.  We select beautiful diamond cut chain for our necklace and diamond is soldered center in the chain.  Having 2 extra stations will let you enjoy 3 different lengths!  Timeless collection which will stay with you forever and more.

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We specialise in making your jewellery dream come true. We assist you in designing or creating the new pieces from your ideas,to fit your style. We can source all the gemstones and metal that you require or we can use your old jeweller, why leave it in the jewellery box, make it into something you will love to wear. We will design you your next family heirloom.


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