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Getting married is a big moment in everyone's life and your engagement ring will be worn everyday for many many years. Choosing a ring that will suit your budget today and still be something you admire 20 years later is a big challenge.
With our 40 years of experience selling diamond engagement rings we are well placed to work with you to ensure that you achieve both these simple goals.





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Custom Made

You have an idea what you want, you know your style and might even have a piece that you want copied. Make an appointment here. We can give you work with you to achieve exactly what you want within your budget.

Design Concept

You know you want a new piece of jewellery, you want it to be unique but are not sure exactly what will suit you? Make an appointment with me, Shigeko. I can help you design a piece that will suit your style and budget

Diamond Selection

If you need help selecting the perfect diamond to fit your style and budget, make an appointment here, we can make the complex task very easy for you.

Gold Evaluation

You have a collection of old jewellery pieces and want to know what is worth keeping, selling or remaking, we can help. Make an appointment here.

Is engagement ring shopping 
a stress you?

If you are looking for an engagement ring and you are finding it stressful, we can teach you the few important points that you must know and also what you do not need to know.
We will simplify diamond selection selection process for you to ensure that the money you spend will give you the diamond that you will be happy with for many years to come.


The Paddington Jeweller Difference

We have over 40 years experience in jewellery, specialising in custom made jewellery. We source the quality stone and use the most advanced jewellery making techniques along with our creative designs to give you the jewellery of your dreams.
Start the journey with us to create your dream piece of jewellery? Come to Paddington Jeweller or contact us to help you with your dreams.


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