With over 40 years experience in Jewellery retail and design, Paddington Jeweller have our bespoke collections that have been created by our jewellery design team and made by our jewellers . These collections have been inspired by what we see in nature and sometimes by our customers' ideas. Take a look at our collections and be delighted with our unique style. 


Inspired by the beautiful Blue Mountains range NSW, introducing “Echo” the stackable fine jewellery series


Birthday? Graduation? Anniversary? Friendship? Cherish your special occasion with this stylish personalised series.

Toi Et Mot

Meaning “You and Me” in French, is transformed into the ring style that symbolises Love and Partnerships.  


Our story of this best-selling series delicate and minimalist diamond band that shows minimum setting, ensuring endurance.


“Botanica” is 2 sisters: 4 leaf clover - This cute series is one of our best sellers for its simple aesthetic & Daffodil - Diamonds are set in tiny domed micro-pave set that shimmers on your skin as you move.


Inspired by light reflecting off ripples on Bondi surf, this cute boho series was created. Radom alignment of tiny diamonds represents movement of water & sunshine.


We took the concept of Valencia Gothic into our jewellery making to create the most minimalist, classic and timeless diamond band and hoop earrings collection that are versatile for any occasion. 


“The one and only one”
This ultimately simple necklace & earrings collection was added to our product line up at the very beginning of our history and it has been one of the most popular sellers of all time.


Autore Pearls

Since founded in 1991 by Italian Jeweller, Autore has become one of the largest south Sea Pearl jewellery creators in the world. Autore provides quality-assured luxury jewellery & South Sea pearls right from the source.


Our collection os Birthstones are made in 9kt yellow, white or rose gold with genuine gemstones. Find your month of birth stone and wear it everyday. You can have it on it's own or combine it with other.


If you love the zodiac that is your collection. Choose between your star sign or your constellation and wear it on it's own or layer it with other necklaces or charms.

Contact our design team

We specialise in making your jewellery dream come true. We assist you in designing or creating the new pieces from your ideas,to fit your style. We can source all the gemstones and metal that you require or we can use your old jeweller, why leave it in the jewellery box, make it into something you will love to wear. We will design you your next family heirloom.

Bespoke jewellery

If you are still looking for your dream piece of jewellery and can not find it in one of our collections we invite you to contact us and let our design team create it for you. We can enhance your ideas or we can create something completely unique for you. We are here to help you make your dream jewellery come true.

The Paddington Jeweller Difference

We have over 40 years experience in jewellery, specialising in custom made jewellery. We source the quality stone and use the most advanced jewellery making techniques along with our creative designs to give you the jewellery of your dreams.
Start the journey with us to create your dream piece of jewellery? Come to Paddington Jeweller or contact us to help you with your dreams.

Need Help Choosing a piece of Diamond Jewellery?

If you need any help choosing your special piece of diamond jewellery let one our team help you and explain to you all the differences between our products. We help fit you with the perfect piece for yourself or for a gift.


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