If you love the zodiac that is your collection. Choose between your star sign or your constellation and wear it on it's own or layer it with other necklaces or charms.
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More about the Zodiacs

Discover more curiosities about all the Zodiacs


Aquarius are generous and compassionate. They are ruled by Uranus, full of inspiration and individuality. They are an air sign, harmonious and constant. They are truly unique, full of original creativity. They are a visionary, bringing their positivity to fruition. They see the possibility of greatness in every situation, an invaluable quality noticed by those around them. Aquarius are free spirit shining bright. They value freedom, expressing their full authentic self is paramount. They have an infectious personality, vibrant and attractive. Aquarius are optimistic, wise and brilliant. 


Pisces are gracious and warm. They are ruled by Neptune, a dreamer. They are a water sign, tranquil and peaceful. They are empathetic, quick to understand complexities. They are extraordinarily intuitive, a free-spirited enchantress. Their aura shines bright. They endure a deep sense of kindness. They are a treasure to be kept, a loyal friend. They have a sheer inner strength that guides them to fulfil their hearts desires. Pisces are harbours a sensitive soul with a heart of gold at their core. They are daring through their creative imagination. Pisces are captivating, humble and fearless.


Aries are fiercely ambitious. They are ruled by Mars, the planet of action. They are a fire sign, passion burns deep within their being. They radiates confidence and glows from within. They are a brightly burning candle in human form injecting positivity and light into every situation they finds themself in. They have heart in their every endeavour. They will keep you on your toes with a powerful ability to inspire and motivate those they surround themselves with. They forges their own path leading to success. They are a force of nature. Aries are generous, courageous and determined.

TAURUS - APRIL 20 to May 20

Taurus are reliable and persistent. They are ruled by Venus, loving and loyal. They are an earth sign, resilient and grounded. They are in tune with their senses, a practical and reliable friend you can count on. They are openly affectionate, supportive and devoted with undefeatable emotional strength. They value honesty above all else, unafraid to stand their ground. They are pragmatic, stunning people with their steady approach to life. Taurus are a gentle soul, their pride and self-respect is evident in their being. They are a sensual person with a big heart. Taurus are nurturing, loving and graceful.

GEMINI - MAY 21 to JUNE 20

Geminis are clever and courageous. They are ruled by Mercury, their moral compass guides them. They are an air sign, adapting and flowing with life’s plans. They are easy to get along with, communication is a strong point. They are the epitome of full self expression, integrity behind their words. They are fun and full of ideas. Geminis are a social butterfly, ensuring there is never a dull moment in their presence. They are intelligent, inquisitive and constantly learning. They radiate positive energy, spreading joy to people that surround them. Gemini are thoughtful, intelligent and brave.


Canceriens are deeply instinctive and compassionate. They are ruled by the moon. Canceriens are a water sign, what makes them tranquil and calm. They are a nurturing soul, highly empathetic and readily available to lend a listening ear to people that they hold near and dearest to their hearts. They are full of warmth and loyalty, people are drawn to them from their reliability and consistency. Canceriens hold high respect for people with an appreciation for communication. They enjoy socialising in an intimate atmosphere where they share their authentic self and establishes deep connections. Canceriens are strong, independent and fiercely intuitive.

LEO - JULY 23 to AUGUST 22

Leos are generous and proud. They are ruled by the Sun. They are a fire sign, illuminating a bright path for themselves. They go above and beyond, an endearing quality loved by all. They brings warmth and light to the lives of people around them. They are strong, brave and determined to dominate what they sets out to achieve. Leos generosity brings positivity and light to every situation. They have a heart of gold that radiates their beauty, remarkable as a person. They do not back away from a challenge, as perseverance is their strength. Leos are smart, driven and gracious. 


Virgos is thoughtful and kind. They are ruled by Mercury, a wise communicator. They are an earth sign, grounded and strong. They are a giving being, logical and at the service of others before themselves. They leave everything in a better condition than it previously was, perfectionist with a touch of gold. Virgos are lively and curious, their passion burns brightly with creative ambitions. Their hard working tendencies are rewarded with success. They are wise. They sees the best in people, a humble and affectionate soul ready to lend a helping hand. Virgos are loyal, intelligent and independent. 


Librans are gentle, kind and perfectly balanced. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, they are the embodiment of a harmonious soul. Born with natural charm and elegance, they capture the heart of those around them. Refreshing in company, they make a great mediator with their ability to listen well and move freely in social settings. Librans are thoughtful and understanding, striking balance through their ability to remain strong and peaceful. They have a shining personality that inherently makes them enjoyable to be around. More than anything, they aspires for gracious living and good company. Librans are classy, generous and highly intuitive.


Scorpios are fearless and powerful. They are ruled by Pluto, constantly transforming and evolving into a better version of themselves. They are a water sign, with flowing emotions. They are a natural born leader with a passion to pursue their dreams and ambitions. They are a force to be reckoned with, there is no challenge they cannot overcome. Scorpios are strong-willed with an unmatched focus to achieve their goals. They are extremely brave and honest with the ability to connect on both a deep emotional as well as an intellectual level. They are a loyal friend that will protect their nearest and dearest. Scorpios are charismatic, daring and fiercely independent.


Sagittarius are undeniably cheerful and optimistic. They are ruled by Jupiter, adventure and luck follow them. They are a fire sign, spontaneous and exciting. They go-getter attitude brings them to succeed in all walks of life. People are drawn to their positive energy, they are a great role model. Sagittarius are intelligent and open-minded, this nurtures the deep connections they create. They are an inspiration to others with fresh ideas and hopefulness. Their expressive nature and enthusiasm know no boundaries. They are conscientious and trustworthy, a truly loyal friend. Sagittarius are cheerful, genuine and sophisticated.


Capricorns are ambitious and motivated. They are ruled by Saturn, structured and diligent. They are an earth sign, what makes them grounded and wise. They have a powerful potential to fulfil their desires through hard work and inspire those around them to do the same. They are confident and determined, there is nothing that can stand in the way of their success. They are the magic of their own making. Capricorns are poised with an honest heart, offering an endless supply of love. They hold integrity at the very core of their being. They are a nurturing leader to have by your side. Capricorns are intelligent, resilient and tenacious.

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