“Botanica” is 2 sisters, “4 leaf clover” & “Daffodil” 

4 leaf clover: 4 little white diamonds shine together brighter!  This cute series is one of our best sellers for its simple aesthetic.  Collection consists of ring, necklace, bracelet, and earrings.  The chain used has diamond cut which adds another shimmering facet to its design.  Having 2 extra stations on the chain let you enjoy different lengths!  4 leaf clover carries meaning of ”Faith, Hope, Love and Luck”

Daffodil: Like a field of daffodils, catching sunshine on their delicate petals, our new refined collection “Daffodil” will brighten up your day!  Diamonds are set in tiny domed micro-pave setting that shimmer on your skin as you move. This delicate and stylish series is designed with everyday wearing in mind and produced with our years of experience for its durability.

Daffodil carries meaning of ”Rebirth & New beginning”

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We specialise in making your jewellery dream come true. We assist you in designing or creating the new pieces from your ideas,to fit your style. We can source all the gemstones and metal that you require or we can use your old jeweller, why leave it in the jewellery box, make it into something you will love to wear. We will design you your next family heirloom.


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