Where did diamond tennis bracelets get their name?

Where did diamond tennis bracelets get their name?

A tennis bracelet, originally known as an eternity bracelet, is a classic that has continued to reign supreme since the 80s. This single strand of diamonds, wrapping delicately around the wrist of the beholder has become an indicator of stature and class in modern society.

The original story of the tennis bracelet is one of amusement, coming from a tennis match in which famous tennis star Chris Evert put a 1987 US Open game on hold to find her lost diamond bracelet. Following the incident, the demand for this classy piece skyrocketed and has become known as “the tennis bracelet”.

Now, as the 2019 Australian Open is about to begin, perhaps it’s time you invested in your very own tennis bracelet!

Elegant and simple, a diamond tennis bracelet is often made of platinum or 18-karat gold, however it can also be found in 9kt gold for the budget concious . These bracelets are of great value and can be given as an indicator of admiration to the one you love, to family, friends or even yourself!

With a range of cuts, colours and sizes available, there’s a tennis bracelet available to suit any wrist as well as any budget. The sheer simplicity and versatility of the tennis bracelet sees it often becoming a jewellery collection staple. Shop our range of tennis bracelets today and save up to 40%!

Do not be limited by what you see on our website, these are just the most common sizes. If you can’t find something to suit your style, you can design your own! Any size diamonds with any quality or shape Your personal touch will make an already spectacular piece of jewellery, all the more special. Contact us today to discuss designing your own tennis bracelet. We can custom make a 1ct diamond tennis bracelet for you for under $2000 or a 20ct diamodn tennis bracelet for as much as $200,000. 

We do say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the elegance of the tennis bracelet truly allows us to understand why this statement is so true.

With the tennis season in full force, and summer more than here, join in the action today with a sparkling symbol of joy and love.

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