Spring Gems Race In: A Guide To Accessorising For The Spring Racing Season

Spring Gems Race In: A Guide To Accessorising For The Spring Racing Season

Spring has sprung and Race Day season is upon us. Shopping for the perfect ensemble can be stressful - guessing the weather and standing out from the crowd all within a budget adds another layer of complexity. Let us help you relax and remove the stress, because with a piece of statement jewellery, a clutch, a hat and a shoe to match, the rest of the outfit becomes surprisingly simple. A black blazer over a simple white strapless dress allows you to accommodate a steaming hot day, or a cold wintery turn in spring, and gives you room to coordinate those key pieces.

To complete a look, coordination is key, although not necessarily your bag, shoes and hat. Add punch to a black and white ensemble with a coloured shoe and coloured lip, maybe even some coloured jewels to match. Keep everything else black and white and you have derby day down pat

Race style is a tricky game, so making sure that your jewellery screams ‘you’ in a crowd! From the cut of the stone, to the shapes and the sizes, you can make a move to be bold and striking, with cocktail rings back in fashion in a big way!

This collection accentuates the unique nature of jewels as a tool in establishing your fashion cred. By coordinating the rich purple of the Serena, to a statement hat or headpiece, or the clean oval cut of our Alessa, to a bold blazer, play with an element of fashion you may have never considered before. The Simona ring and the Juliet earrings from our Spring Collection will coordinate perfectly with a small white bag and this season’s look of the moment, a white heel.

Sharp sillouttes are always on trend, and come into their own in racing season. You don’t want billowing sleeves slopping through your champas or soaked in the sauce of your post Race Day pie! By rounding this out with an oval diamond ring, or pendant, you will draw attention to your face, where the attention should be. This means we can not only feel confident in our own skin, but confident that we are on point.

Hats, bags and shoes won’t mean a thing this Spring, without that little bit of extra bling. Bring that to your Race Day outfit and you won’t be disappointed.

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