Men's Engagement Rings - An Introduction

Men's Engagement Rings - An Introduction

Even while engagement rings are a lovely and sentimental piece of jewellery, they are not often associated with men's jewellery. Men's engagement rings, on the other hand, are growing in popularity, and it's easy to see why, given the stunning array of jewellery available. The lady's fiancé customarily gives her an engagement ring, which she wears as a symbol of their vow to marry one another.

Today's society, on the other hand, has progressed to the point where men are increasingly wearing engagement rings. Everyone has their own personal style, and at Paddington Jewellers, we're committed to helping clients select timeless pieces of jewellery that they'll treasure for years. This blog will go over the issue of men's engagement rings in depth, as well as how to choose the ideal men's ring for your personal taste.

Is it OK for guys to wear engagement rings?

An engagement ring represents unending love and dedication to a spouse, an emotion that is shared by both men and women. When a man asked a lady for her hand in marriage, it was customary for her to put on a wedding ring as a sign that she had been "spoken for." Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity, engagement rings now symbolise love and commitment.

Men's engagement rings are not a new notion in the world of engagement jewellery. In fact, in the 1920s, Macy's, one of the most well-known department stores in the United States, launched a highly successful advertising campaign centred on men's engagement rings. As a result, guys wearing engagement rings are becoming more common, and superstars like Ed Sheeran and Michael Bublé have been seen proudly wearing their rings.

What Is the Best Way for a Man's Engagement Ring to Fit on His Ring Fingers?

Because the popularity of men wearing engagement rings is still growing, there are fewer expectations about how men should or should not dress their rings than in previous years. A woman's engagement ring is traditionally placed on her left ring finger, as this is the same finger on which she will wear her wedding band, according to tradition that traces back to the ancient Romans, who believed that this finger housed a vein that flowed straight to the heart.

Some men like to wear their engagement ring on both their left and right index fingers, while others choose to wear it on the ring finger on their right index finger. In general, the finger on which a man wears an engagement ring is less important for men, with the emphasis instead on their desire to wear an engagement ring to symbolise equality with their spouse, regardless of gender.

What Are the Characteristics of Men's Engagement Rings?

Men's engagement rings are available in a wide range of forms and colours, including rose gold, white gold, platinum, and other metals. A huge diamond or gemstone is usually set in a woman's engagement ring, whereas men's engagement rings are more likely to be stone-free. When a man choose an engagement ring with jewels, the stones are usually placed softly rather than being the focal point of the ring.


The colour yellow gold is a common choice for men's engagement rings since it is both attractive and durable. This type of gold also looks great as a truly unique piece of jewellery that pairs well with other accessories that a man might wear. White gold and rose gold are also popular, with the latter having stronger undertones of love and passion, making it ideal for a ring that represents a lifetime commitment. Platinum and palladium are also highly sought after metals.


On a man's engagement ring, jewels such as diamonds are rarely the focal point, with the emphasis instead placed on the entire design. While stones may be used on a man's engagement ring, they are more likely to be smaller stones scattered throughout the band rather than a single massive, show-stopping stone, as is more typically associated with women's engagement rings.


Men's rings tend to be wider than women's bands in the majority of cases due to the variety of designs offered. When it comes to men's rings, the larger band style is more common than the smaller band form, but this is usually governed by personal preference.

The width of the ring is sometimes influenced by personal desire, however it is common for men to choose a band that is between 4mm and 8mm wide. If you want a more delicate ring style, there are thinner options available. The width of the band you choose will determine the ring's aesthetic. Depending on the design, a half round band will have softer circular edges, while a flat or bevelled band will have sharper edges.


When picking a ring to wear for "the rest of your life," the comfort issue should always be considered; this is often overlooked until later. Adding a little comfort curve to the inside of the band will always make it more comfortable, regardless of the metal or width.

The Most Popular Men's Engagement Ring Styles

The most popular metal used in the manufacture of men's engagement rings is yellow gold, which is also the most expensive. Because of its strong resistance to wear and tear, this metal, when it is between 9ct and 18ct in purity (since 24ct is too soft and not good for creating jewellery), not only has a high resilience to wear and tear, but also has a highly elegant appearance. Because it is gender-neutral and ageless, gold is an excellent choice for engagement rings.

Men's rings without gemstones, in addition to broad ring bands without diamonds, are also popular since they provide a more inconspicuous but still highly gorgeous ring option. Because they don't have a large stone decorating the front of the design, they have a less grandiose appearance, but it doesn't make them any less noticeable.

Some of the most unique designs feature engravings on the ring rather than jewels, making them stand out. There are many different designs to choose from, ranging from simple initial engravings to intricate patterns. Personalization is gaining popularity since it allows for the construction of a unique and different style of ring while still maintaining an attractive appearance.

Choosing an Engagement Ring for a Man's Hand: Top Tips

You don't have to be intimidated by the notion of buying an engagement ring for that special someone in your life. When you take a step back and examine who you're buying for, the decision will be much easier, as you'll be able to create a truly personal choice based on the tastes you already know your other half appreciates.

Here are some of our top suggestions to help you find the perfect ring:

Creating one's own unique style

Men's fashion and jewellery tastes differ from person to person, as do their choices for metal, style, and width, so choose your engagement ring based on what you know about your other half's jewellery preferences.

If the man in your life is more into subtle and stylish accessories, a plain yellow gold band may be more fitting than a huge gemstone-encrusted engagement ring. If he prefers eye-catching pieces, however, a white gold or platinum ring with large stones will almost surely fulfil his needs.

Metals with various chemical compositions

Because different metals have different appearances and wear differently over time, picking the proper one is crucial. Take this into account before making your decision.

Yellow, white, and rose gold are the three colours available.

Yellow, white, and rose gold are the three basic types of gold. These three types of gold are extremely popular for engagement rings and other pieces of jewellery. The colour tone of our skin will be best matched by one of the three gold colours. When you try on the ring, the best option becomes clear. One of the colours gold will be the winner.

Solid gold should always be used instead of gold plating since gold plating can easily be damaged and even chipped, resulting in huge areas of the gold plate being completely removed. To provide you with a complete piece of mind when purchasing gold jewellery from us, we ensure that each item is stamped with a Hallmark Stamp.

Platinum is a precious metal that is commonly used in jewellery due to its high durability and attractive appearance. Platinum's hardness means that it will not be readily degraded and will retain its lustrous aspect for a long time after it has been worn.

How to Choose the Correct Ring Size

Estimating a ring size for someone else can be difficult, and even the tiniest size difference might result in a band that is either exceedingly tight or incredibly slack. Examining previous rings he already wears and taking a measurement is the most accurate way to determine what size engagement ring to buy for a man. This is the excellent approach for establishing the suitable size for them if you want to be covert and purchase the ring without them knowing.

If buying the ring isn't a surprise, taking the person you're buying it for into a jewellery store is the best option. A jeweller can help you determine your partner's exact ring size, ensuring that the band you select is a perfect fit for him or her.

Increasing or Decrease the Size of Your Ring

You can get a ring resized if it does not fit properly, either because it is too large and slides off the finger, or because it is too little and will not fit. If you want the ring to be larger, a jeweller will simply make a little incision in the ring metal and insert a bit of the ring metal to enlarge the overall circle of the ring. To lessen the size of the ring, a similar cut is made into it, with a small piece of metal removed. This treatment can be carried out with almost no visible incisions, giving in a flawless finish on the outside.

Buying an Engagement Ring: A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Ring

When buying an engagement ring, you want to make sure it's of the highest possible quality because it's such a special and sentimental piece of jewellery. Working with a reputable jeweller in whom you can place your trust is essential. Find out more here.

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