Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

Weddings Bands have a long history that dates to over 4800 years ago and they are still very relevant today with over a billion dollars being spent on them every year.

The wedding band, a circle, with no beginning or end is the symbol of eternity.

Wedding bands were not always made of precious metals, the Egyptians were known to use just reeds from the river banks twined into a circle and put on the finger as a ring. As these did not last the material moved to leather or bone, the more expensive materials were always only for those that could afford.

Wedding bands were seen then, as they are now, the more expensive the wedding band the wealthier the giver and the more love was being shown.

While a simple round circle, the symbolism and traditions of the wedding band has developed over the 1000’s of years with each country, religion and the subcultures within each.

What the wedding band is made of?

Should there be any decoration on the wedding band, engraved of gems?

Should the wedding band be for both partners in the marriage or just one?

Which finger do you wear the wedding band on?

When is the wedding band given and by who?

At OJ Co we offer you the choice of making whatever you need to suit you or your traditions.

We have wedding band in silver 9kt & 18kt Gold (white, yellow or Rose) or Platinum.

OJ Co can offer you a range of engraved patterns or just plain wedding bands. The profile of the wedding band can also be customised to you liking, from flat to an ellipse or round. Then of course there are the diamond wedding bands.

OJ Co can customise your ring to exactly your requirements, we can even include the gold or diamonds that have been passed done from previous generations.

We then can finish of your ring with laser engraving an special message or date ( so you don’t forget) inside the ring at no extra charge.

We have a wide range of standardised ring available for you to purchase on line but should you wish to customise your ring please drop me an email or pop in to the store to start the process, it is easy.

Our Oxford Street Paddington store is open 6 days a week, come and visit us

304 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW 202, Phone 02 93310888

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