Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond Wedding Bands

The Online Jewellery Company has a significant range or Diamond Wedding Bands.

Buying your wedding band is a significant moment in your life, it will be part of one of your most significant days of your life and will be worn by you and your partner (all being well) every single day for the rest of your life. Your diamond wedding band needs to be a piece that you will love forever and will need to last the everyday wear and tear for a long long time.

The Online Jewellery Company’s diamond wedding band range is made to last, they are all made solid and are made by highly skilled jewellers with the intension that you can pass it on to the next generation for them to enjoy.

Our diamonds wedding bands range caters to both men and women, ranging from a single diamond to a complete diamond wedding band.

Our range diamond wedding bands is huge, if by chance we do not have what you want we can custom make your diamond wedding band for you.

Like all fine jewellery we make our diamond wedding band in all grades of gold, 18kt gold, 14kt gold, 9kt gold as well as platinum. We also make the diamond wedding bands in all colour yellow, white or rose gold.

It is often asked which is the best gold to you in a diamond wedding band. While pure gold (24kt) is use by some culture it does tend to be too soft to last the duration especially if you are setting diamonds, all other gold be it 9kt, 14kt or 18kt are all alloys ( a mix of metals) are made by a metallurgist. These metallurgists aim to get the right strength for the jewellery, not too hard that it will crack easy and not too soft that it will wear away, they aim to get a hardness of around 3mohrs. So, the answer to the question is to by the diamond wedding band in the gold that suits your budget but pay more attention to the quality of how it is made.



The other major part of the diamond wedding band is the diamonds, there is a huge variety of choice with diamonds, shape, colour, size and quality. Each one will affect the end price. In most cases it will be your budget that will help you refine what you will include in your diamond wedding band. Always consider the other ring on your hand to ensure they work together.

While our range of diamond wedding band is significant, we do custom make to your exact specification and can even help you design an appropriate diamond wedding band to match all your requirement.

If you are looking for that perfect diamond wedding band, either jump on to our website and look at our range https://ojco.com.au/diamond/shop/diamond-bands or call into the store Paddington Jeweller or contact me electronically


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