Diamond Bracelet

Diamond Bracelet

A diamond bracelet one of the most elegant piece of jewellery you can possess. The diamond bracelet can be worn with of formal cocktail dress and well as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Your diamond bracelet could be just one single diamond or a complete straight row of diamonds, and then there are the diamond bracelets that have quite intricate designs, from diamond flowers to diamond skulls

The most famous diamond bracelet is the tennis bracelet, originally known as an eternity bracelet, is a classic that has continued to reign supreme since the 80s. This single strand of diamonds, wrapping delicately around the wrist of the beholder has become an indicator of stature and class in modern society.

The original story of the tennis bracelet is one of amusement, coming from a tennis match in which famous tennis star Chris Evert put a 1987 US Open game on hold to find her lost diamond bracelet. Following the incident, the demand for this classy diamond bracelet skyrocketed and has become known as “the tennis bracelet”.

At OJ Co we have a range of diamond bracelets that start at $149 in 9kt gold, with 0.02ct – 0.05ct of diamond all the way through to 5ct of diamonds.

We have had the privilege of custom making a 15.5ct diamond bracelet in platinum for a customer. This was a very special piece.

Let’s not forget about men, they are entitled to wear some diamonds on their wrist, my favourite piece that I made in the last few months was this amazing diamond bangle. It was made with over 3ct of diamond, all different shapes and colours, even a lime green pair shape, so beautiful.

If you are at all interested in a diamond bracelet why not drop into our Paddington store or contact me and we can discuss what you would like and how we can best fit is into to your budget.

Our Oxford Street Paddington shop front store is open 6 days a week, come an visit us a

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