Name Jewellery - create your own

Name Jewellery - create your own

Name jewellery was only for king and queens in days of old but now it is available to everyone as they are now more affordable than ever.

Name jewellery was made popular with Carrie name jewellery in the Sex in The City TV sitcom, the Carrie around the neck of Sarah Jessica Parkers neck that made it as popular is it is today.

The Online Jewellery Company OJCO, will create your name jewellery out of silver, gold, platinum with diamonds or any precious gemstone.

It is believed by some that your name defines who you are, even if this is not true why not have your name decorated in precious metals in your own piece of name jewellery.

Made famous by in the TV series that you should be wearing your own name around your neck, now Name jewellery has taken on a different angle, mothers are wearing the names of their children, the partners is now wearing the name jewellery of each other especially if they are away from each other and even showing a personality trait.

OJ Co, can produce any name or word for you in any precious metal in almost any font or size. It is all your choice. Our standard piece is 9mm high but we can make it for you however you would like. In addition, we can add precious stone to your name jewellery piece, just one or as many as you like.
The next level up for just the gold or silver is the diamond name jewellery. AT OJ Co, we have a full range of diamond initials that you can assemble any name jewellery piece that you wish


Now with our shop front store that is open 6 days a week, come an visit us a create your own Name Jewellery piece

304 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW 202, Phone 02 93310888

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