Embrace Boho Chic: The Allure of Boho Jewellery

Embrace Boho Chic: The Allure of Boho Jewellery

Boho (short for "bohemian") jewellery, is like that cool friend who effortlessly oozes style and charm, with a laid-back, artistic vibe that's hard to resist. 

The term "bohemian" originally referred to the artistic community, like writers, singers and painters,  living unconventional lives in 19th-century Europe. These creative souls rejected society's norms and embraced a more carefree existence. Fast forward to the 1960s and 1970s, and you've got the hippie era, which really kicked off the boho movement.

Boho jewellery came onto the scene as an expression of this countercultural vibe. Crafters started using natural materials like feathers, stones, beads, leather, and shells to create jewellery that connected people to nature and rejected mass-produced, mainstream fashion. Boho jewellery became a symbol of individuality, self-expression, and a deeper connection with the world around us.

Boho jewellery is all about embracing nature's beauty and often you'll find pieces integrating semi-precious stones, wooden beads, feathers, and other organic elements. You can also have pieces that are more traditional in their composition but instead follow the ethos of the Boho style. One of the things people love about Boho style is that it's a blend of vintage-inspired elements, tribal vibes, and intricate patterns resulting in a one-of-a-kind style that's uniquely you.

The Boho style is loved by everyday people and celebs alike as well, and not just at Coachella! Actress Sienna Miller is probably one of the best-known fans of the Boho movement, some even go as far as crediting the movement’s 2000’s revival solely to her. 

Source: Elle Magazine


Another famous face with a love for Bohemian jewellery is Blake Lively. Here she loaded up on key Boho signatures: chunky turquoise jewellery and heavy bangles.

Source: Vogue


There’s a freedom to the way you can wear Boho jewellery. People embrace stacking bracelets, necklaces, and rings. The more, the merrier! Layering adds depth and dimension to your look. Oversized rings, chunky necklaces, and bold cuffs are also all part of the game. It’s not to say that all Boho jewellery needs to be oversized, chunky statement pieces. For those who like to fly under the radar a little more while still embracing the movement, you can lean into the Art Deco origins of the movement and work with a bit more delicacy. Natural stones, intricate metal-work, and settings full of expression all personify Boho as well. 

Zoe Kravitz is a big fan of the more delicate style of Boho jewellery


Boho jewellery lets you be you, and the style can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for any occasion. It's not just about fashion; it's a lifestyle choice that celebrates freedom, creativity, and a deep connection to the world around us. Whether you're a free spirit or just want to add a dash of boho chic to your style, boho jewellery offers a versatile and meaningful way to express yourself. 

So, go ahead, embrace the allure of boho jewellery, and check out our brand new Boho Lace Collection available now. 


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