Boho From Head-To-Toe: Introducing our new Bohemian-inspired range

Boho From Head-To-Toe: Introducing our new Bohemian-inspired range

With a touch of Bohemian design flair and creativity, our signature Boho Lace series was born. With pieces that are a symbol of individuality, self-expression, and a deeper connection with the world around us, you can't help but be enamoured with this 2023 collection. Here are just a few of our favourite pieces, just for you. 

Introducing the Boho Lace Necklace


Sweet, yet refined, this stunning necklace is one of the centrepieces of our Boho Lace collection. Hinging on the current popularity of Lab Grown diamonds, we selected a 2.00ct oval cut as the centre stone. We then aligned it horizontally to show off the gorgeous length of the diamond, and the immaculate cut. Not content with just one stunning diamond, we then placed four smaller, natural diamonds in what is known as a milgrain halo around the casing of the main jewel. Tying in some home-grown pride, we wanted to reflect in the placement of diamonds our Southern Cross constellation. 

Not just a pretty face, the Boho Lace necklace is also super versatile. The pendant sits on an 18 carat yellow gold 45cm chain that is also fully adjustable. The chain has been designed so that anyone can wear it, on any occasion with the ability to choose whether it sits low on the chest, or even as a choker at the shortest loop position. 

Classically Boho with its blend of vintage-inspired elements, the Boho Lace necklace will bring a sparkle to anyone’s eye.

Paddington Jeweller Boho Collection


Introducing the Boho Lace Ring 


Developed in-line with the Boho Lace necklace, and sharing both inspiration and composition is our sparkling Boho Lace ring. The smaller sister to the necklace, for the Boho Lace ring we decided to use a 1.03ct oval cut Lab Grown diamond, and utilise the same placement of this stunning stone as our necklace. We also continued in the family appearances by including the milgrain halo with four smaller natural diamonds set on the edge of the piece. The metal of the band is also vibrant 18k gold.

Kate Moss boho ring

A great example of the beauty and flexibility of the Boho movement is in supermodel Kate Moss’ stunning engagement ring. The ring is a custom creation inspired by sketches of the ring F. Scott Fitzgerald gave to his wife Zelda, a 20’s socialite and novelist.

Paddington Jeweller Boho Ring

Oversized rings are a staple for Boho-style jewellery and with the Boho Lace ring, we have strived to strike a balance between size, and delicacy, drawing on an antique design that retains the true essence of the Boho movement.


Introducing the Boho Sapphire Earrings


We’ve mentioned before about how the core ethos of the Bohemian (Boho) movement is about individuality, self-expression, and creativity, and our next piece is a perfect embodiment of those Boho core values. 


Our new Boho sapphire earrings are a labour of love, and the perfect blend of Boho style and sophistication. Featuring breathtaking Australian mined (Inverell NSW) and cut Parti-colour sapphires and five delicate diamonds, these earrings scream sophistication, fun and flair. Similar to their Boho Lace counterparts, the stones are sitting within brilliant 18ct gold settings, which compliment the sapphire colouring perfectly. The design of the gold casing is meant to reflect the beauty and sophistication of the original 19th Century Bohemians in Europe. 

Paddington Jeweller Parti Colour Sapphire Boho Earrings

For these earrings we have sourced a matching pair of greenish-yellow oval and enchanting green/blue pear-cut Parti-sapphires. Being Parti-coloured sapphires they dance and sparkle with the different shades they contain within.  


The natural stones, intricate metal-work, and settings full of expression all personify Boho as well as really bringing the character of these earrings to life.  


Our entire Boho Lace range is available now, in-store and online. 


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