Paddington Jeweller Confirms Sharp Upswing In Demand For Religious Jewellery

Paddington Jeweller Confirms Sharp Upswing In Demand For Religious Jewellery

In an exclusive interview with Eleven Media, Paddington Jeweller confirmed that since the war has broken out in the Middle East, they have seen a sharp increase in the demand for religious jewellery, especially the Star of David, Hamsa, Evil Eye and Crosses. 

Paddington Jeweller have a collection of beautiful religious diamond necklaces. Visitors viewing these on the website has sharply increased and demand to choose their favourite from the large selection or enquiries to have their team come up with an original religious themed design has also increased.

The Paddington based jeweller has always offered customers the ability to custom design their diamond necklaces and using a sentimental piece of jewellery they have custom designed into a necklace to become a family heirloom has also become very popular.

Mr Steven Sher, founder of Paddington Jeweller said this when interviewed by Eleven Media, “We assist customers use their ideas in designing or creating new religious inspired pieces. We can source all the gemstones and metal that they request to create something very special. On the news breaking of war erupting in the Middle East, demand from those seeking religious inspired custom jeweller has dramatically increased also and remains high ”

Paddington Jeweller invite those interested to learn more about their range of religious inspired jewellery to visit their website here:


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