While sapphires are best known for being blue, like several other gemstones, they come in a variety of colours, including green, pink and yellow. Green stones very rarely reach full saturation of colours, but sapphires do, and are amongst the world’s most durable gemstones. This is why sapphires, both blue and green, are often used in jewellery that’s prone to being bumped, such as rings.


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When it comes to precious gemstones, blue sapphire have long been sought after, as they carry significant meaning. These stones have been associated with royalty for several centuries already.

The sapphire blue colour is also looked to as a symbol of energy and healing in many circles. They are a gem representing order, likely owing to their ties to royal families across the world and throughout history.

These beloved gemstones have long been a representation of mental focus, inner vision and psychic awareness. Chakra theory dictates that sapphires have healing properties and help open the third eye to deepen insight. They also open the throat chakra, which allows for much easier communication with others and helps avoid miscommunication and unresolved conflict.

The deep sapphire blue colour is also thought to be celestial and to bring about a connection to prophecy and Divine favour. The jewel is steeped in religious history and folklore all across the world. Blue sapphires signified the height of celestial faith and hope in the ancient and medieval worlds. They were also believed to have properties of protection, bringing spiritual insight, and good fortune.

These precious stones remain a strong symbol of strength, power, kindness and good judgement in this day and age.


In some cultures, it’s believed that green sapphires correspond to the heart chakra, which influences prosperity and nature. They are often used to bring about good luck, particularly in terms of money and a sense of abundance. Another belief is that green sapphires can help heal a broken heart, or even help you find true love!

In the Middle Ages, sapphires were believed to be able to protect loved ones from harm and represented a sense of loyalty and trust. 


Sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones, and the pink variety is in high demand. It’s rarer than the blue sapphire and is the second hardest stone on earth – with the diamond being first. Pink sapphire is available in shades that range from cool violet to warm peach.

Good fortune and passionate love are what you can hope to get from this pink gemstone. Pink sapphires are associated with trust, loyalty and compassion, which is why this coloured sapphire is a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings.


This yellow gemstone has been increasing in popularity, especially as a choice for engagement rings. The yellow sapphire comes in many shades from light yellow to a more magnificent golden yellow. While it is up to personal preference which shade of yellow you prefer, the more valuable yellow sapphire is brighter and purer in color.

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