Golden Sands Creations

Inspired by the golden sand of Tel Aviv beach and its unparalleled beauty, our latest range truly captures the hearts of all who admire it.

Crafted from the finest 14kt yellow gold, each piece in the collection has the hallmark of true artistry. But what set them apart was not just the dazzling diamonds, but rather the mesmerizing texture that danced across the surface of the gold.

The secret lies in a meticulous process known only to a select few artisans, a delicate dance of sandblasting and matte finishing that imbued the gold with a bewitching allure, reminiscent of golden grains of the sand caressed by the gentle touch of the wind.

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                We specialise in making your jewellery dream come true. We assist you in designing or creating the new pieces from your ideas,to fit your style. We can source all the gemstones and metal that you require or we can use your old jeweller, why leave it in the jewellery box, make it into something you will love to wear. We will design you your next family heirloom.

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