The deep, alluring green color of emerald brings to mind lush gardens and hidden forests, soothing the eyes of all who behold it. We now know why – science tells us that green alleviates eyestrain and stress unlike any other colour of the rainbow. 


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If you are one of the lucky people born in May, emerald is your May birthstone. The verdantly shaded jewel is considered one of the most popular precious gems in the world, revered globally for hundreds of thousands of years in folklore, medicine, religion and royalty. 

The green color of this May birthstone is often associated with wealth, vitality, and fertility. The ancient Egyptians would offer emeralds to their gods as a symbol for rebirth, and some would even wear the stone as a talisman for bringing fortune or protection. 

The Romans closely associated both the emerald color and gem itself with Venus, goddess of love. They believed that emeralds would appease the deity and she would in exchange show them favour in love, fertility, friendship, and luck.

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