The History of My Name Necklace

The History of My Name Necklace

It widely believed my name necklaces jewellery originated from the famous Carrie my name necklace in the Sex in The City TV sitcom.  This seems not to be the case.

Jewellery is innately one of the most personal items that we possess. More than possibly any other retail purchase, jewellery is a reflection of the individual, an expression of who you are or your history. Personalising your jewellery, while it has been around for some while is now more popular than ever.

My name necklaces date back way before the 1990 of Sex in the City era, “even as far as the Victorian era, some Europeans wore name brooches, and around the same time within the Jewish tradition, some wore pendants that said "mizpah" to signify that they were separated from a loved one  and again 1940 in a post war period in New York” according to an article written by Sarah Burke on and “in the 1940s, and working-class women in New York’s Queens and Long Island who wore nameplates shortly after WWII”.

Well made jewellery can last 100’s of years and passed down from generation to generation.

I have the prized possession from my grand father who was given a signet ring with his initials on the front and it is also engrave on the inside “from mother 1923” this was for his 25th birthday.  These signet rings date back 100’s of years where they were used by royalty to stamp their seal in wax.

While the exact origins of the, my name necklace is not quite clear, it was undoubtedly the Carrie around the neck of Sarah Jessica Parkers neck that made it as popular is it is today.

It has also become quite a trend for mothers to have the names or initials of their children of their children, or just have your loved one name, rather than their own name.

They are suitable to be worn everyday for any occasion, if you want to dress your name necklace up, we can always add some diamonds.

The modern-day jewellery production techniques make owning my name necklace far more affordable than ever before. We your name necklace in just a few weeks, or initials for you for as little as $149 in sterling silver, $349 in 9kt gold and 18kt for $699.

It would have been unheard of years ago get a completely personalised piece of jewellery for such an affordable price; this affordability has made it much more accessible to all.

While we offer only 4 different fonts to make your name necklace on our website to, we can actually do any font for you that you can find in Microsoft Office. Please contact us during business hours or send an email and let us know what you are looking for, we can certainly accommodate your requirements.

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