The Online Jewellery Company Introduction

The Online Jewellery Company Introduction

The Online Jewellery Company (OJCO) is fast becoming Australia’s go-to jewellery market place; one that offers customers a diverse range of beautiful jewellery and watches, while combining unique discoveries and internationally established brands with exceptional value. OJCO epitomizes the “luxe for less” concept and caters to discerning shoppers.

Now with a retail store showing the best of the best at 304 Oxford Street Paddington, OJ Co continues to offer you great value that you can see for yourself. 

Customers are impressed by OJCO’s extremely attractive pricing model and product range in addition to the convenience and security with which they provide their customers.

The experienced jewellery industry insiders at OJCO have always had direct access to fantastic deals and remarkable finds from around the world and they established The Online Jewellery Company in order to share this insider access with Australian consumers. A bespoke service will even provide clients with the opportunity to design their own customized jewellery, that unique item they’ve always dreamed of.

By connecting directly with hand-picked local and international jewellery dealers, OJCO ensures their pricing is far more competitive than retail jewellery stores and consistently reflects genuine value. OJCO is uniquely positioned to offer incredible sales campaigns which are not to be missed.

Visit the The Online Jewellery Company in Paddington to discuss your custom made jewellery piece, or even upcucling a piece that you have and would like to make it into something more current.

OJCO also offers a 30 day money back guarantee, 2 year warranty, free shipping over $100 and independent valuation certificates so that customers can treat themselves and shop with confidence.

Now located 

Steven Sher

[email protected]

Phone 02 93310888

304 Oxford Street

Paddington NSW 2021

Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

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