Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings have been worn since Egyptian times and have never lost their appeal.  Ancient Egyptians put mushroom-shaped diamond plugs in enlarged holes in their earlobes.  Wealthy noblemen and women wore these as a mark of their wealth as only the richest people could afford something as rate and precious as a pair of diamond earrings at all.  Even today with celebrities, spots stars and personalities wearing them in single earrings like Kanye West or his wife, Kim Kardashian wearing giant studs, they are now regarded as edgy, on trend and perfect for any occasion…from the beach to the ball or the red carpet.  Other stars like David Beckham, Angeline Jolie, Eva Longoria, Usher, Will Smith, Justin Bieber, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman have regularly been spotted on the red carpet wearing diamond studs. Michelle Obama often wears diamond studs as does Meghan Markle who wore diamond studs for her engagement photographs.   Diamond studs are transformative, giving any face a radiant gleam. 

Diamond studs are regarded as an essential part of a jewelry wardrobe.  Men and women alike wear diamond studs in casual and formal settings and there are options these days for many different budgets.

When South African diamond fields were opened in the late 1860’s diamond solitaire rings and diamond studs became the standard of sophistication in the Western world. By the 1920’s, no women went without her earrings.

The saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  Diamond studs are timeless and are often passed down from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter or grandson in this day and age.  And diamonds are a great investment with good resale value if you choose pieces wisely based on their rarity and quality.

But there are benefits aside from decorative and financial.  Feng Shui experts believe that diamonds are imbued with strength and are meant to transfer these qualities to whoever is wearing them.  Diamonds are the hardest substance known on earth.  Diamonds are the birthstone for the month of April and also the stone that marks the 60th anniversary of marriage.

There is a trick to wearing diamond studs.  The diamond should sit flat on the ear and not droop down.  Butterfly clasps loosen over time and the last things you want to do is lose your precious diamond earrings.  Alpha clasps are much more reliable and you are less likely to lose your studs.  Screw backs, popular in the 1920’s and 30’s are the most secure and the most uncomfortable.

When choosing a pair of diamond studs you should consider that unlike a diamond ring, most people will not get to within 1 meter of your earrings.  A pair of H colour diamonds, which on the old scale is a white diamond, is as good as you would need and if you budget is tight you may consider purchasing an I/J colour. 

With diamonds, size is everything.  The true test though is what size feels comfortable, how they sit on your lobe, if you intend to wear you diamond studs every day or just for special occasions and lastly how much you want them to be noticed.

Settings make a huge difference to the brilliance of diamonds.  Claw settings will let the light into the diamond studs and give them the best brilliance.  Bezel settings do not allow as much light into the diamond but will make the diamond look quite a bit bigger.  Classic diamond cuts such as princess and round solitaire studs are the most popular styles. Square and circular cuts are symmetrical and make it a lot easier to find two similar stones.  Cuts such as heart, oval, pair or marquise settings can only be worn in one position and they sometimes rotate to appear upside down.

Many people today have multiple ear piercings and diamond studs look incredible when layered with different shape stones mixed in with different precious metals.  Gold and platinum, or gold and sterling silver.   Some of the newer industrial metals like titanium or black gold are popular with men and make a bold statement.

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