Introducing a jewellery market place that offers our customers a diverse range of beautiful fine jewellery and watches, combining unique finds and exceptional value. 

As experienced jewellery industry insiders, we have always had direct access to fantastic deals and remarkable discoveries from around the world. By connecting directly with hand-picked local and international jewellery makers, OJCo’s everyday pricing is far more competitive than retail jewellery stores and it consistently reflects genuine value. 

We are so committed to sharing exciting offers with our customers that we have tasked our jewellery makers with providing further reductions on specific items in their range - and these are listed as our ‘Special Offer’ items. You can also shop with confidence with our 30 day money back guarantee.

So join us now, indulge your curiosity and don’t pay more than you have to as we have opened the door for you to these great, untapped discoveries. 


Having spent most of our lives as jewellery industry professionals, we could see that the average jewellery customer was being denied the choice and diversity we knew was out there, and they were also being charged premium prices on jewellery that the local market was offering. 

We saw the opportunity of an online platform designed to deliver a completely different kind of experience. One curated constantly to stay fresh and surprising. One built on the ability of digital technology to connect the lovers and the makers of fine jewellery and watches in one convenient place. 

Because we’ve seen the variety the rest of the world has to offer and we know the value that’s out there waiting for you, we know how curious you are to make that wonderful discovery and find your next great piece.