Bezel tennis bracelet

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Diamond Bezel tennis bracelet with 2.01ct diamond in 18kt gold.

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Diamond Bezel tennis bracelet with 1ct, 2ct or 3ct diamond in 18kt gold.

Diamonds have long been considered objects of desire. In ancient Roman times the philosopher Pliny stated Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world. It's no wonder that diamonds are revered - they go through a long process to become the thing of beauty that we find in our treasured jewellery pieces. Forming deep below the earth under extreme pressure and heat, they are finally forced up towards the earth's surface from where miners and gem hunters finally liberate them. They are then expertly cut, polished and honed into a sparkling gem to be placed into jewellery and selected as precious gifts.

Bezel tennis bracelet

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