Prosperity, Imagination and Protection: Why You Should Check Out The Citrine

Prosperity, Imagination and Protection: Why You Should Check Out The Citrine

It’s the well-known stone that often gets overlooked in favour of perhaps ‘fancier’ gems; however we think that the golden-hued citrine deserves far more attention than it has been getting. 

Named for the French word ‘citron’, translating to lemon, the history of the citrine is well-documented. All the way back in Roman times, it was polished, shaped, and flaunted to showcase flair and style. Centuries later and moving into the Middle Ages, it was labelled the ‘money stone’ or ‘merchant’s stone’ with people associating yellow colouring with prosperity and wealth. On the other side of the world, the Ancient Chinese emperors openly flaunted their citrines and labelled it ‘the success stone’. They believed it helped the wearer open their mind, and broaden perceptions. It was even carried as a charm thought to protect against snake venom (though we wouldn’t recommend trying to prove this one)!

You can see why we love this humble stone so much!

Citrine enhancer on a paper clip chain on a woman

Not just a stone for the flashy in Ancient times, the citrine is also a November birthstone. As a birthstone many have linked clear benefits to it including encouraging calmness and comfort. It’s not just the mind that benefits, physically it’s said to stimulate digestion, help with eye problems and increase circulation, and we would still suggest to avoid testing out the ancient snake venom protection theory. 

For those amongst us who jump at the sight of a cockroach or rat scuttling past, wearing citrine gemstones is also said to boost self-esteem & confidence and help with getting over negative traits and phobias. 

What might surprise you is that the citrine is one of the rarest gemstones you can get your hands on today. The majority of citrine that you'll encounter is in fact amethyst that has been heat-treated. It has the same chemical make-up as a natural Citrine however so is still considered 100 percent real. Naturally mined citrine is almost always a pale-yellow colour and costs a lot more than the processed variety. 

You can also spot the citrine throughout Hollywood. Fans of the Art Deco era would spot the gemstone on the biggest stars of the day such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. Greta Garbo’s collection was so impressive that she single-handedly caused the popularity of citrine to skyrocket. More recently Emma Watson and Kate Winslet have proudly shown off their citrine 

pieces. Angelina Jolie designed an incredible necklace featuring a 177.11ct pear-cut citrine and 64 smaller citrines set in 18k gold. Angelina didn’t keep it for herself, instead donating it to The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. 

Angelina Joline with a huge Citrine necklace

The Angelina Jolie designed 18kt yellow gold necklace featuring 64 graduated bezel-set cushion cut citrines highlighted by a 177.11ct pear-shaped citrine drop. Source: The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved-one in November, or simply for a stunning stone for yourself, the warm and glowing citrine may just be what you need. 

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