Love Your Local: Shopping At Paddington Jeweller

Love Your Local: Shopping At Paddington Jeweller

Paddington, Sydney is truly a special place. Nestled in the heart of Australia’s biggest city, Paddington is a suburb that effortlessly blends historic charm with modern sophistication. Named in October of 1839 after the London Borough of Paddington, Sydney’s village of Paddington soon emerged around cottages of artisans such as stonemasons, quarrymen, carpenters and builders who were commissioned to work on local developments like the Barracks. 

Victoria Barracks, Paddington 1840s 

Fast-forward to the 2020’s and Paddington is now renowned for its original and picturesque Victorian terrace houses and lush, tree-lined streets, offering a unique blend of old-world elegance and contemporary vibrancy. Paddington continues to have its distinctive character and village feel, buzzing with life. It has a very long history of and also still has a thriving community of trusted, and expert craftspeople; from barbers to wedding dress designers, milliners and baristas, leather makers and of course, jewellers. 

Paddington Jeweller is proud to be nestled amongst these artisans on Sydney’s famous Oxford Street. Founded in 2018 with over 45 years of fine jewellery experience in our DNA, Paddington Jeweller was created to offer bespoke jewellery pieces to the online shoppers, fine jewellery with quality unrivalled. 

Paddington Jeweller sits in the heart of Paddington, on Sydney’s famous Oxford Street

The most important part about Paddington Jeweller is the people that make it happen, from our customers, through to our staff, we make sure that the spirit of community that Paddington has is embedded in the work we do. So from our family to yours, please let us introduce our team:

Steven (Founder)

Steven started working in the family business in Manly from 1980 as a teenager, he opened his first fine jewellery and watch store in 1988 In Darling Harbour. This business grew to 5 stores before being sold 20 years later. Having been a regular shopper in Paddington and loved the uniqueness of the stores, Steven had a desire to open a store in Paddington one day. In 2018 that opportunity came, and the store has grown into your trusted local jeweller store. “I love the Paddington community, they have supported our store so well”. Steven is always happy to help customers find the best solutions to restore their jewellery or to create a new design from an heirloom. His altruism and honesty make this little store the jewellery hub in Paddington, where most of the neighbours and other stores come to ask for help when a jewellery piece needs some help. 

Shigeko (Jewellery Designer & Gemologist)

Shigeko started her jewellery career in the 1990 selling the finest black opals, and developed a unique taste in jewellery and desire to create her own style. After studying gemology, interior design and then jewellery design, Shige has brought her creativity to Paddington. Paddington Jeweller hosts a range of her creations in store and she is always available to assist you with your next family heirloom. Her vision for jewellery is extremely unique, she can meet the customer, and will have the vision of what kind of jewellery will suit their style.  Her stunning creations are inevitably  loved by her clients. Her capacity for creativity and eye for perfection is something really special that she infuses into each piece that she creates, making it perfect and unique. 

Cristina (Digital Manager & Art Director)

She is a passionate graphic designer who arrived in Australia 8 years ago. Wanting to explore the jewellery business, she fell in love with the opportunity at Paddington jewellers as it allowed her to not only continue to improve her graphic design skills but also follow her passion for jewellery and learn how graphic design is used in jewellery design and creation. Cristina knew that this was the place where she wanted to be. I have been able to be creative and enjoy the fascinating world of jewellery creation. “I love working in Paddington, the clients are so friendly and grateful for all the repairs we do. It is a pleasure to work in this beautiful area and in something I love. I always say, "work on what you are passionate about, and you will never have to work one day in your life”. 

Steven, Cristina & Shikego (and furry friends Momo & Scooby Doo)

Scooby Doo and Momo (Our furry friends)

Maybe you are lucky enough to come to visit us when our furry friends Scooby and Momo are in the store with us. They are friendly and love to make new friends, so give them some treats. 

Enough about us, we want to know more about you! Our door is always open and furry family members are welcome too, Please don’t hesitate to pop by.

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