Keeping the past, present - the magic of repurposing your jewellery

Keeping the past, present - the magic of repurposing your jewellery

It’s something that many of us have, perhaps in the bottom of a jewellery box, or even locked away in a safe. It’s a piece of jewellery that you will never wear, but can’t bear to part with. We totally get it, and we think we may just have the solution for you. 

When it comes to repurposing jewellery, the hardest place we reckon is where to start. You have the ability to change as little as you like, such as a different type of band on a ring, or as much as you like, even reshaping the gemstones. It’s important to work alongside your jeweller to make sure that the sentimental aspects aren’t lost, while still making the piece bespoke to your needs. 

When Mandi and her sister Lindi inherited their grandmother’s butterfly ring they wanted to find a way in which her memory could be honoured within two bespoke pieces, one for each sister. The original ring was handmade in the 1920's, and included some stunning rubies, sapphires and diamonds, set into gold.

Butterfly ring of Lindi and Mandi's grandmother

Mandi & Lindi’s original 1920s ring


The sisters loved solid and chunky designs, Mandi preferring a more modern design utilising the sapphires and white gold, while Lindi wanted to utilise rubies and yellow gold. She then kept the largest antique diamond from the ring for a future project. 

new rings of lindi and mandi
Mandi (L) & Lindi’s (R) new rings

Their journey with us really demonstrates the personal journey that repurposing jewellery can become. From one unique piece came two beautiful, and personal rings, both honouring the original that they came from. 

There are some definite advantages to re-purposing jewellery, one is that it’s a more cost-effective option than buying brand new in many cases. The stone is often the most expensive element to a piece, so coming to the table with it will definitely help costs stay down. 

Being able to create something to cherish, rather than leaving to sit in a drawer is the beauty of remaking jewellery.Even if you’re unsure of where to start, the process of repurposing jewellery can be a fun and creative one, and a great way of honouring a memory and creating your own. 

Contact us now to start your repurposed jewellery journey!

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