Creation for Keith's - Opal Lapel Pin

Creation for Keith's - Opal Lapel Pin

Keith has a passion for beautiful gems, he has spent most of his adult life travelling the world and along the way collecting his sparkling beauties.

This is the 5 piece of custom made jewellery that we have had the privilege to make for him.

I was presented with this amazing Queensland Boulder opal by a miner, it was nothing like I have ever seen before, it was a boulder but look like a crystal opal with the fire of a Lightening Ridge Black Opal.

The opal cutter did such an amazing creating the most interesting shape. The miner felt it looked like an Olympic torch, I saw beautiful flower and straight away thought of Keith.

I asked Keith to bring in his pink diamonds and come in with a very open mind. I had prepared the design for him and placed the stones for him.  He was blown away

Our only decision was what metal to make the piece in, Keith wanted to use platinum but that would have worked out double the weight of the Platinum. As a lapel pin a heavy weight will pull it down so we chose to make in in 9kt white gold.


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